John Pitre: Modern-Day Da Vinci

John Pitre is a veritable Renaissance man. In addition to being an extremely successful contemporary artist, he is also an inventor, as well as the founder of one of the most exciting sustainable energy firms today called Natural Power Concepts. 

Born in 1942 in New York, John was educated at the prestigious Art Students league in New York City. Pitre became an influential master of fantasy and surrealism and is one of the most wildly published artists in modern history. 

Many of his paintings are more relevant now than ever as they provide pointed commentary on political, social, environmental, and ecological issues. His paintings can be rightly be described as prophetic as decades ago his work dealt with overpopulation, the ominous threat of nuclear war, the greed and folly of the ruling elite, and the ecological deterioration of the planet long before these were the hot button topics they are today. These "Social Commentary Paintings are considered twentieth-century classics with certain prints like Restrictions selling an estimated 7 million copies.

Restrictions  by John Pitre

Restrictions by John Pitre

Split World  by John Pitre

Split World by John Pitre

Not content to focus all his talents in the artistic realm John Pitre has invented a number of groundbreaking products, including two very successful pieces of exercise equipment. The ROM(Range of Motion) machine, heralded by Popular Science Magazine as "The Best of What's New" upon its release, and his Time Works machine which was one of the most successful TV Infomercial pieces of fitness equipment of all time. The ROM machine and Time Works have combined to earn in excess of $400 million.  

During his busy career as an artist, he found time out to invent a new proprietary formulation for artist paint called "Genesis." This revolutionary, heat-set paint is based on space-age polymers and is now sold worldwide.

His knack for inventing has not only been a commercial endeavor. Pitre is a pioneer in many fields. Pitre explored the depths of the oceans with diving gear he designed himself long before commercial dive equipment was available. He is also an accomplished pilot and has learned to fly many types of aircraft including a unique, one of a kind configuration that he personally conceived of, engineered, and built. 

Consistently forward thinking and ahead of his time, Pitre founded Natural Power Concepts over a decade ago. NPC is one of the most advanced technology development companies dedicated to implementing one of the world's largest portfolios of sustainable energy technologies. Founder and President John Pitre serves as the lead inventor, designer, and engineer at NPC. Using his artistic and engineering skills and through his ability to understand and translate shapes, movement and "the flow of energy" into useful, clean energy generating mechanisms for mankind. NPC's patent portfolio of alternative energy solutions and devices are literally unparalleled in today's world, with over 200 breakthrough concepts resulting in a significant number of international patents. Check out some their innovative sustainable designs at

As we have gotten to know John and come to appreciate the breadth and depth of his skill, talent, and sheer creative genius we have come to appreciate this man as a modern-day da Vinci. A study of his paintings reveals the mind and soul of a truly great thinker. Through his art, he shares his vision of our collective purpose in the universe while he reminds us of the responsibilities we have as moral beings and as stewards of our planet, depicting the challenges we face, while simultaneously portraying the beauty and magic that each one of us uniquely possesses within. John has done more than alert the collective consciousness to these challenges as he works for real world sustainable energy solutions and looks for new ways to encourage social and political change. You can keep up with John Pitre by visiting

Rare Works from American Master Surrealist Found After Being Thought Lost in a Fire 30 Years Ago

Voyage of Man  by John Pitre

Voyage of Man by John Pitre

Over 30 years ago artist, inventor, and aviator John Pitre, whose socially and environmentally themed fantasy paintings have sold millions in reproductions, thought he lost virtually everything in a fire that destroyed his home in Kahala on the island of Oahu. 

Pitre recalls, “Everything was gone in a flash—my studio and all of my portfolio, burned to the ground...The fire was so fast we were lucky to escape it.” 

The fire destroyed most of Pitre's personal possessions including his catalog of original artwork, as well as antiques, invention prototypes, and even an early self-designed aircraft. The fire did not slow this modern day Da Vinci down. He literally rose from the ashes and went on to become one of the top-selling artists of his time. He also found success as an inventor of groundbreaking fitness equipment, a designer and pilot of experimental aircraft, and as the founder of Natural Power Concepts—a leader in the world of renewable energy technology. 

Zach Thomson, Manager of Pitre Fine Arts, was helping to move some long forgotten metal cabinets that had survived the fire and a move to Pitre's new studio when he made a fortuitous discovery.

“Some of the drawers had been pinched closed and obviously not opened for years, maybe decades. When we moved the studio, I dislodged the drawers and pulled everything out, and was shocked to find a huge stack of original drawings, color studies, and sketches - many of which remain unseen and unpublished to this day. John and everyone else had thought these items perished in the fire.” 

“It’s fun to see pieces that I haven’t seen in nearly 30 years,” Pitre said after being reacquainted to his old drawings.  “I forgot many of them existed!”

Many of the sketches, paintings, and color notes recovered including the ones shown here are now available at  


Jazz   by John Pitre

Jazz by John Pitre

Seeker of Dreams   Color Note by John Pitre

Seeker of Dreams Color Note by John Pitre

Voyage of Man   Color Note by John Pitre

Voyage of Man Color Note by John Pitre

Rhyme Da Old Man

Like something plucked straight out of the Golden Age of hip-hop Brooklyn native Rhyme Da Old Man is carving out his place in the rap game in one of the most unlikely spots, Honolulu, HI. Rhyme first cut his teeth emceeing in a battle under the bleachers at Berkey High School and since that day has been in ciphers from Haiti to Korea as he traveled the world with the Air Force. After spanning the globe Rhyme decided to make the great 808 State his home. An adopted son of Hawaii, Rhyme has fully immersed himself in the burgeoning Oahu hip-hop scene. Rhyme Da Old Man has an unmistakably Brooklyn vernacular and boom-bap style but he isn't immune to the infectious spirit of aloha that pervades his island home. His appreciation for local culture is evident on "Boardriders Anthem"--a track he was featured on from Island Heir's latest EP. Rhyme is getting ready to drop his own EP that you can pre-order on his website.

Changes Now

With last weekend’s events, the state of our American Democracy was on many of our minds. While the recent election and the changing of the guard from one White House administration to the next seemed to highlight the division that exists in the United States. It is true that the people of the United States might differ ideologically and have varying opinions of where they think the country should be heading but there are important problems that affect virtually every American citizen regardless of party affiliation. The misuse and abuse of power in Washington D.C. has made it harder and harder for the average person to succeed and thrive in America. 

Change Now is a non-partisan organization whose aim is to expose government corruption and bring to light the key problems with our current democracy. Changes Now provides straightforward answers to these challenges and seeks greater accountability and transparency from elected officials with the goal of giving Americans citizens more power over their lives and individual pursuits of happiness. Watch the video below which puts forth the seven major problems facing the country and provides simple and reasonable solutions to these problems. Head over to to learn how to get involved with the movement.


Cosmic Beauty

A salon with the name Cosmic Beauty carries an expectation of out-of-this-world style, products and services and the beauty shop located at 4850 Kapolei Parkway Suite 501 in Kapolei, HI delivers on all of the above. Cosmic Beauty stocks beauty and barber products from all over the world and are the leading distributor of Light Concept Nails, Épillyss hair removal systems, and Elegance USA accessories and products in Hawaii. 

The cosmetologists, barbers, and estheticians at Cosmic Beauty keep up with the latest industry trends. These dynamic and well-trained professionals come from diverse backgrounds and can help anyone find the look and style they have been searching for. More than just a hair salon, the pros at Cosmic Beauty provide a full-service nail lounge as well as face and body treatments.

The services, products, and styles Cosmic Beauty offer are truly cosmopolitan but the atmosphere is at the family owned and operated salon friendly and inviting. The team at this West Oahu salon is fun and personable. They are great to talk to and create a warm environment for all their guests. You can check out Cosmic Beauty on Instagram @cosmicbeautyhawaii, check out their Facebook page, or just pop into to the shop open seven days a week located in Kapolei Village Center at 4850 Kapolei Pkwy #501, Kapolei, HI, 96707.


Island Heir "Heir to the Islands, Vol. 1" EP Release Party

Our cohort Island Heir, a local Hawaiian-born-and-bred emcee, is celebrating the release of his debut solo EP, Heir of the Islands, Vol.1 with a record release party at Hawaiian Brian's on Tuesday, November 29th. A full night of Hawaiian-made Soul and Hip-Hop with performances by Island Heir himself as well as guests Glisten, Homestead, Rhyme Da Old Man, Daniel Sauls and sets by DJs Rude Dogg and DJ DKRE. 

Pre-sale tickets are available now HERE for $15. Every ticket purchase comes with entry to a raffle for prizes from About The Goods and other local businesses. Attendees will also get a physical copy of Heir of the Islands, Vol.1 and access to discounted Island Heir T-shirts. Pupus and light refreshments will be provided by Juancho's. Get a taste for the Heir of the Islands with this video from his new EP and make sure to follow him on Instagram and like him on Facebook.