Changes Now

With last weekend’s events, the state of our American Democracy was on many of our minds. While the recent election and the changing of the guard from one White House administration to the next seemed to highlight the division that exists in the United States. It is true that the people of the United States might differ ideologically and have varying opinions of where they think the country should be heading but there are important problems that affect virtually every American citizen regardless of party affiliation. The misuse and abuse of power in Washington D.C. has made it harder and harder for the average person to succeed and thrive in America. 

Change Now is a non-partisan organization whose aim is to expose government corruption and bring to light the key problems with our current democracy. Changes Now provides straightforward answers to these challenges and seeks greater accountability and transparency from elected officials with the goal of giving Americans citizens more power over their lives and individual pursuits of happiness. Watch the video below which puts forth the seven major problems facing the country and provides simple and reasonable solutions to these problems. Head over to to learn how to get involved with the movement.