Rhyme Da Old Man

Like something plucked straight out of the Golden Age of hip-hop Brooklyn native Rhyme Da Old Man is carving out his place in the rap game in one of the most unlikely spots, Honolulu, HI. Rhyme first cut his teeth emceeing in a battle under the bleachers at Berkey High School and since that day has been in ciphers from Haiti to Korea as he traveled the world with the Air Force. After spanning the globe Rhyme decided to make the great 808 State his home. An adopted son of Hawaii, Rhyme has fully immersed himself in the burgeoning Oahu hip-hop scene. Rhyme Da Old Man has an unmistakably Brooklyn vernacular and boom-bap style but he isn't immune to the infectious spirit of aloha that pervades his island home. His appreciation for local culture is evident on "Boardriders Anthem"--a track he was featured on from Island Heir's latest EP. Rhyme is getting ready to drop his own EP that you can pre-order on his website.