John Pitre: Modern-Day Da Vinci

John Pitre is a veritable Renaissance man. In addition to being an extremely successful contemporary artist, he is also an inventor, as well as the founder of one of the most exciting sustainable energy firms today called Natural Power Concepts. 

Born in 1942 in New York, John was educated at the prestigious Art Students league in New York City. Pitre became an influential master of fantasy and surrealism and is one of the most wildly published artists in modern history. 

Many of his paintings are more relevant now than ever as they provide pointed commentary on political, social, environmental, and ecological issues. His paintings can be rightly be described as prophetic as decades ago his work dealt with overpopulation, the ominous threat of nuclear war, the greed and folly of the ruling elite, and the ecological deterioration of the planet long before these were the hot button topics they are today. These "Social Commentary Paintings are considered twentieth-century classics with certain prints like Restrictions selling an estimated 7 million copies.

Restrictions  by John Pitre

Restrictions by John Pitre

Split World  by John Pitre

Split World by John Pitre

Not content to focus all his talents in the artistic realm John Pitre has invented a number of groundbreaking products, including two very successful pieces of exercise equipment. The ROM(Range of Motion) machine, heralded by Popular Science Magazine as "The Best of What's New" upon its release, and his Time Works machine which was one of the most successful TV Infomercial pieces of fitness equipment of all time. The ROM machine and Time Works have combined to earn in excess of $400 million.  

During his busy career as an artist, he found time out to invent a new proprietary formulation for artist paint called "Genesis." This revolutionary, heat-set paint is based on space-age polymers and is now sold worldwide.

His knack for inventing has not only been a commercial endeavor. Pitre is a pioneer in many fields. Pitre explored the depths of the oceans with diving gear he designed himself long before commercial dive equipment was available. He is also an accomplished pilot and has learned to fly many types of aircraft including a unique, one of a kind configuration that he personally conceived of, engineered, and built. 

Consistently forward thinking and ahead of his time, Pitre founded Natural Power Concepts over a decade ago. NPC is one of the most advanced technology development companies dedicated to implementing one of the world's largest portfolios of sustainable energy technologies. Founder and President John Pitre serves as the lead inventor, designer, and engineer at NPC. Using his artistic and engineering skills and through his ability to understand and translate shapes, movement and "the flow of energy" into useful, clean energy generating mechanisms for mankind. NPC's patent portfolio of alternative energy solutions and devices are literally unparalleled in today's world, with over 200 breakthrough concepts resulting in a significant number of international patents. Check out some their innovative sustainable designs at

As we have gotten to know John and come to appreciate the breadth and depth of his skill, talent, and sheer creative genius we have come to appreciate this man as a modern-day da Vinci. A study of his paintings reveals the mind and soul of a truly great thinker. Through his art, he shares his vision of our collective purpose in the universe while he reminds us of the responsibilities we have as moral beings and as stewards of our planet, depicting the challenges we face, while simultaneously portraying the beauty and magic that each one of us uniquely possesses within. John has done more than alert the collective consciousness to these challenges as he works for real world sustainable energy solutions and looks for new ways to encourage social and political change. You can keep up with John Pitre by visiting